When an idiot decided that……

…… fly tipping slurry all over the access road to our site was a good idea, he probably knew how much of a nuisance that would be.


It meant that visitors had to paddle through a mixture of sand, water and maybe other things in order to gain access. It took a while to ascertain who the owner of the land was, and who was going to do the clearing up. Eventually Mid Suffolk District Council agreed to do the work.



And didn’t they do a great job? The approach road and the whole of the car park are now spotless!


Thank you MSDC!





The weather was ideal – dry and bright – and we got a great deal done. Peter Holborn came along to advise about the best way of maintaining the edge of the rides. Peter was one of the original designers of the site when it was planted in 1985 – it must be very gratifying to have planted hundreds of whips, and then to be able to experience the magnificent mature woodland that we see today.

We also constructed a bench – which sounds as though it should be very easy,

but it did tax several great minds! So now we have a fully furnished ‘Yew Room’ which should be an asset for visitors.

Thanks to everybody who helped: Yvonne, Roger, Richard, Anna, Robert, Judy, Jo, Oliver, Balthazar, Jasmine, John, Peter, Denise – I hope nobody has been left out. Geoffrey.


Our community woodland needs a bit of TLC before the winter sets in, particularly scrub clearing in the Arboretum and repairing of dead hedges.

Could you spare an hour or two of your time? It would be great if volunteers could turn up on Sunday November 4th at 10.00am. Everybody welcome, particularly children who are usually very good at moving sticks and branches.

We will be joined by Peter Holborn, who was one of the original designers of the woodland in the 1980s. He will be able to advise us of the proper way to maintain the undergrowth on the edges of the rides.

Please bring loppers, secateurs, gloves and eye protectors.

Geoffrey Kay 673313


……chose to celebrate its twentieth anniversary on a miserable rainy day, but we were not downhearted. Seven Sevens turned up, one having come all the way from Chelmsford – a two hour journey using only minor roads. This was the first meeting of its kind at Gallowsfield and the Austin Severners are already thinking about how next year’s rally will be bigger and better, and held on a day when the sun shines.

Thanks for photos to Mike Friend (www.flyoversurveys.co.uk), Colin Hart, Tim Hart.



The Austin Seven could be described as an iconic car of the 1930s – offering motoring to a new generation who might previously have aspired to a motorcycle and sidecar. Over 290,000 of these little cars were manufactured before World War II, and a remarkable number still survive.  The Suffolk Centre of the Essex Austin Seven Club will gather at Gallowsfield Wood on Sunday August 26th from midday onwards to celebrate twenty years of driving – why not come along and admire these survivors and have a chat to their owners?

Do you own an old car? Bring it and show it off even if it isn’t an Austin Seven.

Bring a picnic!

Free parking even for modern cars!

Further information from Geoffrey Kay – Geoffrey.vinecottage@gmail.com



My guide to Mushrooms & Toadstools suggests that it might be Cantharellus Cibarius, otherwise known as Chanterelle, suitable for eating with all freshly cooked meats. The guide goes on to say that it is difficult to digest! My advice is to have a good look and then leave well alone.