The forecast promised rain and wind…..

……bu tin the end it was an ideal day for twelve volunteers to make a big difference to our woodland. Thanks to Roger, David, Richard, Paul x 2, Robert, Liz, Yvonne, Jo, Judy,  and Heidi. The pathway was cleared, the gate closes with a new spring and the toilet was cleaned! Well done everybody!



We Need Your Help!

Could you spare a couple of hours to help in the woods?  Among other things we need to open up the perimeter footpath – the one near to the Travelodge. Come along if you can on Saturday April 27th @ 10.00am and bring loppers, secateurs, gloves and enthusiasm! Children welcome. Coffee and tea mid morning.

photo (6)


Over the past month or so Mark Pollintine has been building an earth closet for the convenience of visitors to our woodland. The good news is that it is now finished and ready for use.


Visitors will need to learn how to use it! This is an earth closet and not a water closet – so EC not WC. This system has been used for centuries and if used properly there are no health or pollution problems – it works on the principle of friendly bacteria breaking down waste.

This project was funded by MSDC and supported by our Mid Suffolk Councillor, Rachel Eburn, who made funds available through her locality budget. The provision of an on-site toilet will be particularly welcome to organizers of events in the woodland, who previously had to import portaloos.

Rachel has agreed to perform the grand opening ceremony at 11.00 am on Sunday March 17th, so you are welcome to come along, maybe use the facility and have a chat to other woodland visitors.


The management committee have organised a volunteer working event for the morning of  Saturday April 27th – meeting at 10.00am. We need to clear the perimeter footpath around the wood and it would be good to get as many people as possible involved with that job – children welcome. Please bring loppers, secateurs, strong gloves, goggles etc.

Coffee and Tea will be served in the Yew Room!

Those pesky squirrels…….

are creating problems for the birds. Grey squirrels seem to divide people into two distinct camps; you either regard them as cuddly, entertaining creatures, or you think they are a non native species – rats with tails – and should be exterminated. The sad truth is that grey squirrels are predators, they destroy the trees they live in and eat bird’s eggs and young chicks. You can see in the photos above how they can eat their way into a bird-box to get at the chicks – these two boxes had been ripped off the trees and were lying on the ground. The previous post gives advice about the closure of the Wood for one morning in order for some pest control to take place.